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IMG_2190 Yogurt SamplesAfter a whole family battle with food poisoning or Norovirus, we rebooted our system with “good for your gut” yogurt.  Quaker recently launched a new yogurt here in the Pittsburgh area – Muller Greek Corner.  The yogurts are tasty, have double the protein of standard yogurt and aren’t overly sweet.  My favorite is the blackberry raspberry Greek Corner.  Check out our video review and leave a comment below on what you like to eat for breakfast, then we’ll enter you in a drawing to win ten free yogurt coupons from Muller.

The contest ends Friday March 1st at noon.  I’ll post the winner that afternoon.  I wasn’t compensated for this review and only received free samples from Quaker. The opinions are my own.

THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations to our winner Carla!  Enjoy your yogurt.  Muller will send the coupons directly to you.  TGIF!


7 thoughts on “Video – Muller Yogurt

  1. hi ann! loved the vlog- when will you sing? for breakfast- i eat oatmeal with dried cranberries and a greek yogurt (i do enjoy the new quaker yogurt with the fruit “mousse” on top but will have to try the one you reviewed!

  2. Super Raquel! There’s a yummy one with almonds too that is great. I think it would work nicely in our new eating plan. You never know when I’ll break into song…cheers!

    • I must admit…I am a hard sell on most yogurt. It’s got to be just right. But this stuff looks YUM. I’m also always trying to find ways to get my teen, who is never hungry in the AM to throw something back before heading to the bus. THIS might be just he thing. LOVE your first video!!!!

  3. I typically have cottage cheese on wheat toast or cereal with soy milk. But I have a vanilla Greek yogurt every day for my morning snack. I’ve been wanting to try Muller and will be sure to now since most other fruity flavors are too sweet for me. Plus, I think I’m going to meed a lot of yogurt after the week I’ve had!

  4. I Love love love- your first “vlog”!! I enjoy your website and am very interested to try this yogurt! We have been testing different yogurts out recently, so this was quite timely :)
    Breakfast at our place is a hurried rush where everyone grabs something. But my house rule is “fuel the body and brain first thing”. Definitely gonna try this one out~

  5. Nice job! In the recent past, my breakfast consisted of slugging back a can of Diet Coke & a vitamin. Healthy & delicious, right? In an effort to go down a healthier road, I have been substituting water for Diet Coke & adding a yogurt into my breakfast routine. This vlog came at a perfect time for me! I will have to give this brand a try~sounds yummy.

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